Since the Porsche brand is considered one of the most expensive car brands in the world, it’s a strange thing to say that it can be affordable, while still maintain all the amazing qualities and capabilities that the brand is known for.

Throughout the years, the brand recognized the love that was given to the brand and decided to create models that were much more affordable, and although these still weren’t considered to be necessarily cheap, they still had a lot going for them.

As a well-built car, and reputable brand, the last thing Porsche wanted to do is become easily accessible, but the following models are entry-level cars, that still maintain the best of everything Porsche has to offer, minus the 200-mph speed that is. Still, it’s decent, compared to other car brands.

The Best Affordable Porsche Models

The 1977-82 924 Porsche

With an incredibly low price tag of $3,500 to $7,000, the 924 Porsche wasn’t necessarily meant to be a Porsche at all. Since Porsche is a car brand that is owned by Volkswagen, there has been much debate on whether this specific car was a Porsche at all.

1977 was thus a car that was a joint-project between Volkswagen, on which Porsche consulted on, which ultimately lead to Porsche receiving rights to the production of the car.

This car is powered by Audi 924 and represents a good version of the entry-level Porsche. Unfortunately, they aren’t very fast, but their 2.5-liter interference engine sure does make up for it.

1997 Boxster Porsche

As an entry-level produced Porsche, which is unlike many Porsches that are entry-level, this one contains more power. With a reasonable price-tag of just under $10,000, you’ll get a car that is powered by a water cooling six-cylinder engine.

The car is over 20 years old but has a modern-day sports car appeal to it. It also has A/C, along with a heather, sharp handling with assistance from its right exhaust, and drives like a dream on the road. If you’re looking for a Porsche-specific, yet affordable car, then this one is the right one for you.

1983-1989 944 Porsche

With an incredible price-tag of no more than $7,500, now you can own a Porsche too. It has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and an engine that is licensed from Mitsubishi. The 944 is also considered far more aggressive, and a little faster than the 924.

This Porsche model is perfect for those who want to learn how to drive a sports car. With a smooth engine and a transaxle rear design, the 944 is considered a powerful version of entry-level Porsche sportscars.

The only negative feature of this affordable Porsche, however, is that it requires a belt service every 5 years, which could cost you up to $1,500 each time.